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  1. If that certain pompous ass ignores this, then we know he is just a troll.


    • Here is my reply to him,
      First off I would like to say I agree with MrPurpleTie 100%, And I see as well you are doing absolutely nothing to help the situation either as I have also been to your channel, There are some of us here who are making a difference in trying to spread the truth about our so called government and what they are about, you see there are a lot of us Americans that are awake to the fact of what and who they are all about, And are trying to wake others up, unlike you who go around making an ass out of them self’s, I’m not a Demarcate nor a Republican or anything else but myself the government does not nor will they own me…And I also would bet your one of them that spend them trillions of dollars in counterfeit money to live. Also if your so smart why don’t you do your part to make some video’s or a blog to help spread the word about how corrupt The United States Government is instead of going around calling people names if I were to say you are nothing more than a pompous ass room temp IQ knuckle dragging douche, who does nothing to help, And second I would like to say, If they wouldn’t have taken God out of the picture, And everything else, this country wouldn’t be in the shape it is now, Everything that is happening now goes against every law of God’s nature, then yes it is a cause for concern and to let people know why, And tell them the truth, Here is my blog maybe this will help you to start your own, And to help us to get the truth out to people. My God be with you.”LET FREEDOM RING, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS” God Bless. Here is my blog to get you started on your way to your own and I pray you will make some video’s too.


  2. […] for reading. “LET FREEDOM RING”. Please watch and read, you can learn a lot from this one page.… God Bless us all. Spirit […]

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