The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

Ride for the Constitution

Radio talkshow host Pete Santilli, who has recently announced that he is “ALL-IN” in support of the Trucker’s event has stated very clearly; “Americans are pissed, truckers are pissed, and our legislators are operating unconstitutionally.  If the federal government or their fascist partners in corporate trucking think they can stop any trucker or citizen from participating in this national event, then they are in for a big surprise.  I would LOVE to see the DHS sort out who in the big traffic jams across america is a protestor or simply stuck in traffic.  Washington DC will merely be symbolic and a photo opportunity in our nation’s capital — as far as I am concerned, we don’t even need Washington DC or those corrupt politicians to even run this country (they run it into the dirt is all they do).  I am calling upon every single American in every city with every vehicle to get out on the road in support of out truckers & the U.S. Constitution.  Let’s show these bastards who runs this place — they will NEVER be able to control a nationwide protest.  We are demanding that Congress follow the US Constitution immediately; comply with our lawful demands, or their refusal will cause  a shutdown.  They either follow along with the plan by October 11th or they will be personally responsible for shutting our system down — they have a choice, but one of them is not to continue to operate lawlessly after October 11th.  We have one shot at doing this peacefully; lawfully and constitutionally, but if we do NOT rise up, the alternative is a horrifying collapse and a violent revolution.”

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