The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

Published on Oct 13, 2013
CBC Broadcast HAARP weather control: Original air date – January 16, 1996. Since this aired in 1996, many believe HAARP is responsible for hurricane Katrina and much of the climatic changes over the last few years. This isn’t science fiction folks! Over the last decade with more sophisticated and highly advanced technology, the U.S. government is mastering the manipulation of the weather.

The recent earthquake on the East Coast, the heat wave across the U.S.A, the flooding and crazy weather patterns can all be created using this technology.

Using RF waves, the government can also affect the central nervous system and control behavior and mood.☁☢☁====✈

H.R. 3445 (110th): Weather Mitigation Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2007……
Use of artificial satellites in earth orbits adaptively to modify the effect ……

Meteorologist Decodes Chemtrails, HAARP and Weather Manipulation


HR-2977 legislation “Chemtrails…

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Government Depopulation HR 2977

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