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Starship Earth: The Big Picture

You never know what you’ll see on Facebook…  I love it!  People are rising up!  Leaders must step forward because someone has to give people the idea, and permission, to act on what they see and know must change, but don’t know what to do about it. The energies are supporting this kind of activity now, so there’s no telling what will happen.

There are some good videos on the web site from the bikers’ and truckers’ marches you may want to view.  See the Source link below.

This initiative can’t hurt to restore faith in some lawyers, either, and as long as they wake up another large chunk of the American public in the process, hopefully it will do some good.

They won’t have access to Obama, though. He’ll be hiding in a bunker somewhere and you can bet there’ll be more snipers on top of buildings just waiting…

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