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November 4, 2013  — A series of midwest “earthquakes” in the mid to upper 3.0M range.

First the strange Illinois “quarry” earthquake.

click to view full size:

chicago quarry earthquake

Seen above, in Illinois — a 3.2M earthquake 2 miles from a quarry ?  Here is my post from earlier covering this event:

“Quarry blast causing a 3.2M earthquake in Chicago??

If it was a quarry blast, why then, is the earthquake 2 miles from the nearest large quarry?

odd.. it must have been a HUGE blast to cause this kind of earthquake activity… wonder why other quarries around the country do not have this “problem”.

I’m skeptical on the quarry explanation, even though there IS a quarry about 1.5 – 2 miles away.

The reason I’m skeptical is because of this:

here are the epicenter coordinates:

41.784°N 87.883°W


Move forward to 1000pm CDT, and now a borderline 4.0M…

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