The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

The movement in Oklahoma is spilling over to Texas.  Another fracking earthquake in North-Central TX.

Same depth for all the “frack well” induced earthquakes… near 3.0 miles deep.

The edge of the craton is still in flux, showing no signs of stopping, in fact – this past weeks repeated 2.0 to 3.0M swarm in Oklahoma further proves this problem to be ongoing, and escalating.

texas fracking earthquake 3.0 nov 9 2013


Screenshot of the current past 7 days of earthquakes in the Midwest USA, clearly showing Oklahoma as a hot spot swarming mid 2.0M to 3.0M earthquakes.  I would certainly expect to see activity to the EAST, in the near term, areas like Arkansas (inside similar fracking operations), and possibly along the New Madrid.

We also need to watch the Northeast (just across the border in Canada), the edge of the craton ALWAYS follows up in the Northeast after we see other craton edge movement to…

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