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Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Sticker 1

“Islam is a lie. Mohamed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.”

by, Marvin Hokstam | NL Times – Netherlands

Google has deactivated the islamsticker@gmail Gmail account politician Geert Wilders was using to spread his anti-Islam stickers. The deactivation was probably prompted by the many complaints Wilders’ umpteenth anti-Islam initiative had prompted.

It was the politician himself who reported via Twitter on Boxing Day that his account had been closed. “Unbelievable; Google just blocked the account. It seems Mohammed Rabbae’s complaint was successful,” he tweeted. Rabbae had complained at Google that Wilders was abusing its service.

Geert Wilders Anti-Islam Sticker

The Arabic Inscription Reads: “Islam is a lie. Mohamed is a criminal. The Koran is poison.”

His complaint –on behalf of the National Council of Moroccans- had been among many complaints that were lodged against Wilders after he came out with his anti-Island sticker a week ago; it read “Islam is a lie. Mohamed is…

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