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Russia Volgograd Bus 1

Russian firefighters and security personnel inspect the trolleybus destroyed in a bomb attack in Volgograd on December 30, 2013 (AFP)

by, Stuart Williams | AFP | h/t Blazing CatFur

Moscow — At least 14 people were killed Monday when a suicide bomber blew himself up on a packed trolleybus in Volgograd, raising new concerns about security at the Sochi Olympics a day after a deadly attack on the southern Russian city’s train station.

President Vladimir Putin, under pressure to show that Russia can assure the security of tens of thousands of guests when the Winter Games open on February 7, ordered stepped up security across the country.

The twin suicide attacks on Volgograd, which until this year had no record of recent unrest, have stunned Russia and troubled the authorities as people prepare for mass New Year celebrations. At least 17 people died in Sunday’s attack blamed on a suspected female…

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