The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

Published on Jan 14, 2014

Links are below to assist you in the research locations.Some Links have been changed or broken since I first put this out. My wordpress has most of the information regarding this topic. (Thank you Justine for the work on the WordPress)

Most prior links are now missing or give error pages. Hmmm! I had around 16 links and this is what remains. Something they don’t want you to know regarding the Nuke specialists.

Blue Ribbon Team­essage.html­es/randall-charbeneau.html­tmp=detail&aid=1005­pdf

Article on why Home and Business Explosions are supposedly exploding. Fracking operations and vent wells to get rid of the gas within the DUMB’s couldn’t be the problem or could it. J­ig_main.pdf­ion-shatters-windows-lights-sky-in-louis­iana/

Who and what they stand for.­fr&u=…

Mystery booms/Skyquakes timeline

Patent documents on New Missile spec’s.

Critical Youtube report on Sink hole­d&v=Re-KaQDwPo8#!

Commission Report in pdf­es/Plans_Reports/BlueRibb.04.05.13.pdf

Blue Ribbon Commission­-commission-louisiana-sinkhole/

Funds being withheld or stalled

Dutchsince Fracking­&submit=Search
Qronos16:The Moon Shaking
Chrissy Sumer:
John Hutchison :­ZwxQ
Shadow Government outline­rt-of-the-Shadow-Government

Justin Case: London Bridge Falling down

Max Malone: London Bridge Is Falling Down

Music: All releases approved by content holder under Karaoke and Video Content: Music disputes would qualify this use as archived releases show well over 4-6,000 other copies on Youtube not from music original owner and copyright holder.”If mine comes down so should theirs.”
– “Beth Hart-Bang Bang Boom Boom”
– “Ayo Beatz-Boom Ayo (Original Mix)”
– NATOarts
– “Big Head Todd and The Monsters-Boom Boom”

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