The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!


WARNING !!! NOW ALL OF US POSTING OVER THE INTERNET!!!!! Rep Peter King wants all of us to be classified as TERRORIST…REALLY!!!

The fiery GOPer says WikiLeaks supports terrorism. Legal experts say congressmen who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones—or raise money for the IRA.

This blowhard money grabber dealer of death him and his family !!! Lies to full there their pockets with pcs of gold!!! for power & money!!! who supports the defense corps. and banking corps. And the people of Long Island New York keep putting this liar into office  He is a member of the Republican Party and represents the central Long Island district that includes parts of Nassauand Suffolk counties.

whith the help of major media corps like Fox News !!!  He is not different from Obama or any other elite party!!!

During the 1990s King enjoyed a close relationship with the Muslim community…

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