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Published on Jan 19, 2014 By: Up North Of the 49th

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This is an overview of possible reasons for the current flu outbreak in North America, and waist of an advertised critical resource.

There was a huge indication to the public the shortage of Helium was critical, yet in this video it is apparent the waste of this resource was massive. This was not above the surface a scientific test. It was publicized as an exhibition. Helium is critical in all ports in detecting radio isotopes in bombs and nuke discovery. If there is such a shortage that ports and entrances to North America cannot be adequately monitored, why then allow this waist for this project. I believe there is no such shortage and they will need the helium to continue with balloon releases under the guise of science for the timed release of Bill Gates vaccine programs.

Although I released this video last yr. It is still relevant again this yr. Many outbreaks are happening under suspicious circumstances again. Notice they pick the usual names out of the hat again. Realize that each time the h1n1 number changes, it is a change in the lab. The vaccines are the change to the virus. I have noticed that those who are sick are those taking the vaccines or flu shots. A massive push for school age children to being getting regular flu shots were pushed here in Canada. This is critical to investigate why the age group being hit hardest are the school age children. I have personally requested at these flu clinics for the box insert and they instead have handed me a generic binder to review. I was adamant in the request for the specific insert on the bottle they were distributing at the clinic and they refused. I stated how wrong this was and left with several other parents due to their concerns I brought up in a public area. I was happy more than myself questioned why they would not allow that bottles inserts review.
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