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Serco – Tagging Fraud – G4S – Sodexo

With so much stuff on Serco I often wonder where to being sharing, I decided today to blog about the tagging scandal.  The problem we have today is big private companies (corporations) that our governments hide behind, are in a sense running the world.  Private companies are not bound by the FOIA, yet they seem to have the most government contracts, perfect for governments to hide behind, even more sinister when you look at Serco’s shareholders and see actual governments own into Serco……  Serco is not the only big game in town, just one head to the beast, a couple others are G4S and Sodexo, in my opinion they are all in bed together, they act like they compete to give the illusion of competition, but in the end they are different heads on the same beast. Serco and Sodexo are sister corps in Australia, again they try real hard to present the illusion of separation, again this is just my opinion, you be the judge.

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