The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

This is something everyone needs to know in today’s world, Thank You.

It Has To Change

Today we have an excellent guest post from Nick at Whiteside Seed! There are a lot of misconceptions about organic seeds out there. Today Nick is going to shed some light on some of the most common myths of organic seeds.

Over the course of the last couple of decades we’ve been faced with a new choice. Not that the choice wasn’t available to make before that, but for  thirty  years we didn’t even consider the impact of hybrid vegetables being a staple at the supermarket. With the advent of genetically modified crops, people are suddenly starting to have some pretty strong opinions. Things are changing now. We see things that we haven’t seen before. We want to save our own seeds and we don’t want to be persecuted for it. We want tomatoes that don’t taste like Styrofoam and don’t have the texture of raw potato. We want staple…

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