The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

By: Nicholson1968

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I Was shown a image in a dream from Yahweh in 1998. The image was the roman numerals IX XI or 911! Didn’t know what that meant at that time..but if you watch my videos you will see what else he has shown me. I thank him for this everyday and want to share it with you. You may see somethings you have never seen anywhere else on the internet. Somethings may blow your mind and shock your world you live in,but thats what needs to happen to those asleep! HE WHO CONTROLS THE DNA,CONTROLS EVERYTHING! THE SECRET OF 666! This site is not about Anti-Jew,Anti-American,Anti-Christmas,Anti-Easter..its about Anti-Christ who is the real enemy!
I try to upload informative documentaries as well as my own material, things that will help people see some of the hidden world we live in!
Please enjoy and share the info. Yahweh Bless You!
Logo represents the coming Mark of the Beast..Man trying to live forever his way..Half Tech/Half Human!
Last kingdom is a mix of Iron and Clay Daniel 2:43

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