The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and more!The Elite’s Age of the Great Work

By: nicholson1968
Please watch from beginning to the end, I promise it will be worth
your time! This is one of the most important videos you will ever see from N68 and I hope from anywhere else. I tried to make this for those who are beginners in getting to the truth, but deep enough for those advanced. It will answer and connect alot of dots
with the Georgia Guidestones. But, its also about what the Elite are up to and what they are trying to accomplish. I promise that you will see some things in this video that you will not find anywhere on the internet. This is not about views or subs..this is about the truth for humanity. You have my permission to reupload and share,
all I ask is that you give a link back to my order for the viewer to ask me questions if need be.
More Bonus material at:

“The Future is Gold”..the Magnum Opus

This is a MUST SEE for those who have watched
N68’s Video”Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones/The Elite’s Age of the Great Work”
This is Bonus Material that was not included in Video, but will
without a doubt show you a message being sent…as always right in front of the masses who are not awake! Hope you enjoy..N68
Link to Full Bonus Material,pics,videos,interview,music used, etc…

As always Thank You for watching, and please sub up to him he is a great guy and best of all he believes in our Father in Heaven.

You can find him in the links above.


God Bless us all,

Spirit ❤

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