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Offering Solutions: A highly recommended channel on Youtube to subscribe to and watch. KazvsWild shows many solutions to survival in the outdoors. Here he explains some of his water purification methods and how to use them and construct them for later use. As well the links below will take you to Kaz’s website and further information to follow his projects.

Kaz vs Wild 5 Water Purification Filters vs Portable Aqua Tablets!!

Here at Kaz vs Wild we do more than just survive in the woods. We are always practicing and testing out our equipment and survival gear. If you aren’t out in the woods practicing these perishable skills you risk the chance of losing them. These survival skills must be refreshed or “practiced” from time to time to keep your level of outdoorsmanship sharp. Yes, survival IS a perishable skill that must be maintained. The old saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it!!

Here in this video we demonstrate the effectiveness of 0.1 Micron filters vs the emergency use of water purifying tablets in the manner of time. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, in my opinion, a water filter is the way to go for several good reasons including:
Ease of producing clean clear water
Clean drinkable water without the use of chemical reaction.

Kaz vs Wild My Survival Camp Water Purification System.

This first series of Kaz vs Wild was filmed in September of 2010.

Hi, I am freedom4kaz and this is my Kaz vs. Wild channel. It is dedicated to the Kaz vs Wild Survival Series. Along with that, this channel will be focused on bush craft, survival medicine, supplies, cooking, hunting, fishing, trapping and weapons.

This channel is also about survival training, teaching and community, along with sharing survival and prepper knowledge to those willing to learn and grow in the community. Make sure you watch the entire “KAZ vs. WILD” series located in my playlists!

You can follow Kaz here as well.






On Skype at freedom4kaz

You will find the rest of his channels on any of the links I have posted. Please sub up, he has a great channel with lots of information that pertains to when the day comes, as we say when “SHIT HIT’S THE FAN”.

As always thank You for reading and watching “LET FREEDOM RING, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!”.

God Bless, Spirit. ❤


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