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Geoengineering Astro Polar Vortex
By: WeatherWar101
Geoengineering: Astro Polar Vortex 11-11-14

To be sure, I went slightly overboard on graphics in this video. It took 12 hours and 3 minutes for the final render to complete successfully… and that was after it failed – twice. It took from 8pm Friday night to 3am Sunday morning to get it to render. Perhaps my longest render effort to date – including Weather War Big Picture.

However, I was trying to clearly illustrate the reality that manufactured weather in this county is entirely systemic, and functions like any other machine. It has input, and it has output, and as you can see from the Northern Vortex Conveyor Belt and Ice Nucleation Field not moving at all over the entire week – in spite of continuous high speed winds – it is in a predetermined and fixed position.

Granted the U.S. Weather Machine Grid can be programed / configured for a variety of layouts, but this is the most effective and most common set up I’ve seen. Several of my most recent videos show exactly the same set up in fact, and smart money says I can lay exactly the same graphics overlays on next week’s “Polar Vortex,” and it will still match up perfectly.

Mind you, this can only be accomplished with the Networked Grid of 250+ Nexrad Stations in the U.S., and could not – in any way – be accomplished by HAARP. It’s astounding (and in some cases extremely disappointing) that some are still peddling and some are still buying this Pablum, but fair warning… I’m going to put some energy towards decimating that misdirection in the near future. So those still toting that barge, should plan on being embarrassed. Geoengineering is an “In-Place” operation for the most part (as I illustrate in every single video with Water Vapor Generation and Nexrad Control). This HAARP “explanation” (cover story) about bouncing waves all around the planet is both literal and figurative – misdirection. Everyone – should know that by now. They would rather have everyone looking to Alaska, than looking to their local Nexrad stations… wouldn’t they.

Meanwhile, although I make great effort to keep my work objectively focused on the reality (since we’ve all learned from experience around here that getting involved in any “activist” soap operas or defending people who are incapable of even understanding what defending themselves means, has proven predominantly fruitless), but “soap opera” is the only thing going on in the activist community – at all. In the week and a half since my Halloween Polar Vortex video I’ve heard almost nothing about that, but am still hearing plenty about the Max Bliss / Dane Wigington saga. I was going to do a video on it, but I changed my mind. This kind of drivel gets too much attention and focus as it is (and none of it has anything to do with the reality of NO NATURAL WEATHER), but I owe it to my own team – to at least briefly comment on it. (continued in post comment)

Final insult to injury of course, is the buffoonery that passes for mainstream media weather coverage. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part, but it seems like even Matt & Co. are starting to look at Al Roker sideways. Maybe there actually is a limit to how many times you can say “Polar Vortex,” Polar Express,” “Polar Invasion,” etc., without anything remotely resembling a coherent explanation, before even the nod-along crew starts to question.

I offer knowledge and understanding of the global geoengineering system and 100 year history of it that every living thinking human being on this planet needs to have, and they offer mindless misdirection and pointless busywork – to keep you from that all-important knowledge. I hear there is another Shasta charade meeting coming up too. I wonder whose channel Dane Wigington will get terminated for the recording of the three people that will probably show up for that farce – this time.

I strongly suggest everyone chose their camp – wisely… assuming you actually care about the planet you live on.

(Edited for space: Full message in post comment)

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