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A few comments on the election November 4
By: Lewis Shupe President of US Freedom Army
These are a few of my thoughts from the November 4, 2014 elections. It is solely my opinion and everyone is certainly free to disagree with any or all of the thinking below.

Lewis Shupe, Founder


The Republican Party had a terrific victory and this gives me confidence that things in this nation will improve. Certainly they will be better than they were before the night of November 4, 2014. The problem is that I see no evidence that any of our constitutional complaints will be addressed. If the U.S. Constitution is not restored no long term progress will be made, the socialists will regroup and come back, and the lingering problems will continue or reappear. That is why this organization and others like it must go on. Our complaints cross party lines and have not been addressed for about 85 years. The continuous constitutional violations are a major reason why this nation is slowly sinking into mediocrity. Socialism cannot function when the Constitution is being scrupulously followed.

I can name at least 20 Republican Senators (and there are probably many more) that are not conservative and do not give one whit about the rules governing this nation. They, like almost everyone else in high office, are primarily concerned about getting reelected and will do whatever they deem necessary to see that this is what occurs. If it involves violating the Constitution to assure their reelection they will do that. If it involves more unconstitutional government programs they will vote for them. Our complaints are long lasting and cross party lines and are philosophically based. We want the rules followed as the patriots who wrote the Constitution intended for them to be followed.

The trap. I have seen this so many times in my lifetime it is becoming almost comical. The Socialist (Democrat) Party loses. They then say they are ready to cooperate. Cooperating with the Socialists means doing exactly what they want. The Socialists then ask for the exact same things they wanted before and if the opposition party doesn’t give it to them they claim the opposition is being uncooperative. The Main Stream Media ably assists them in this farce. The Republicans were elected to stop Barack Obama and his Socialist agenda and for no other reason – they had no platform. Will they succeed? Don’t bet on it. Saul Alinsky: “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing yourself.”

Obamacare. Of all the items on the Socialist agenda that the Republicans were elected to stop Obamacare is perhaps the primary issue. Those of you who have read the entire U.S. Freedom Army website know why Obamacare is unconstitutional and know the correct remedy. By implication, if Obamacare is unconstitutional any changes to it are also unconstitutional and any new replacement health care bill is also unconstitutional. The Republicans should send a repeal to Obamacare (Obama will pocket veto it) to get all the U.S. Senators who do not favor the repeal on record. When that fails they should attempt to defund it but they should not send changes to it. Changes, as I have said, are unconstitutional but, even more importantly, changes legitimatize the bill and make it virtually impossible to remove. Once the Socialists are back in power the changes they may have agreed to will be changed back the way they want. Based upon what I am hearing from even conservative Senators they plan on modifying the bill. This is a long term mistake and will backfire but you can bet the ranch they will do it anyway. The Socialists will agree to minor cosmetic changes to Obamacare to further cement their position on this horrible piece of legislation.

Illegal immigration. The Republican Party should be reminding everyone who is here illegally that they cannot be made a citizen by Executive Order. What is done by Executive Order can be undone by Executive Order. Anyone here illegally who believes that an Executive Order by Barack Obama makes him a citizen is not thinking clearly. Attack BHO on this issue at every opportunity. As an aside, federal immigration laws are constitutional and the federal government does have the authority in this area.

Debt and inflation. The Federal Reserve will continue to print money because otherwise the government will shut down. The Socialists will fight tooth and nail for every government program and unless the Republican Party suddenly grows a spine nothing will be done. Ultimately the subsequent inflation, if left unaddressed, will destroy the U.S. economy. Look for a national debt in excess of $20 trillion before BHO leaves office.

Impeachment. Impeachment should not be attempted unless the necessary 67 votes in the U.S. Senate are certain. Leave Barack Obama alone – he is either destroying or severely damaging his party. If Barack Obama marginalizes his party and they become recognized for what they are – the Socialist Party – he will have done a great service for all Americans. In a year or so the Democrats in the Senate may be calling for his head – let them initiate this action.

Learn history. In January 2001, George W. Bush was President and the Republicans were in control of both houses of Congress. What happened? The Republicans blew this opportunity and nothing of substance was accomplished. What was the first thing of consequence “W” did? He huddled with Ted Kennedy and created the “No Child left behind Act” – another unconstitutional poor piece of legislation that plagues America to this day. The federal government only has constitutional authority in education if there is discrimination involved and for no other reason.

The three branches. The victory election night only gives the Republicans control of one branch of government. The Executive Branch we know about but people forget the Courts. The court systems are riddled with Socialists, Marxist, Progressives and Communists of various ilks who do not give a darn about what the U.S. Constitution says and they are appointed for life. These people make up 20% to 40% of the members of our courts yet socialists are less than 5% of the U.S. adult population. This is why Harry Reid invoked the nuclear option, so he could load the courts up with his people as much as possible before the disaster struck. These people have a goal and it is not to interpret the law, it is to destroy the Free Market System (Capitalism) and the American way of life. In this regard they are succeeding massively.

Conclusion. I do not believe the Republicans will do one thing I have suggested and, just like 2001, they will blow it again. I hope I am wrong. This is why this army and others like it must go on. Somehow, somewhere, someday someone must restore order or this nation will crumble and it had better happen fairly soon. About a year and one-half from now lift up your head and see what has been accomplished. I would venture to say not much.


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God Bless us all,

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