The Truth They Don't Want You To Know!!!

Something Major Is About To Happen: What The Elite Know Has Just Been Exposed.


Have you ever had a gut feeling that something big and possibly bad is right around the corner? If you have, you’re not the only one! The feeling seems to be in the air. We know it, the elite know it, the pentagon knows it, and even our military knows it.

I believe a great evil is about to befall not only our nation but the entire world. Something major is unfolding and everyone knows it. The economy is unstable, the world is on the brink of war, the elite are running to their bunkers and governments are planning for a mass civil breakdown. Far too many things are on the forefront and one must ask themselves, “What the heck is going on?”

I HIGHLY encourage you to watch the video below in its entirety. This is probably one of the most important videos I’ve done because it shares what I believe could play out in the very NEAR future, and I use sources and government documents to back up my claim. This is one video you do not want to miss…

or More Information See:

Pentagon Studies Protesters to Prepare For Civil Breakdown (2014):

Mass Civil Breakdown in the Future:

Pentagon Prepares for Economic Breakdown:

US Prepares for Something BIG (2014):

Military Prepares for Economic Collapse:

Science Report out put by scientists at Stanford, Princeton and Berkeley:

Elite Prepare For Something Big:

11 Top Economists Predicting Crash:

Scientists Predict 60% Stock Market Crash:

Banks Prepare:

Elite Move to Bunkers:


Civil Disturbance Document:

Civil Disturbance Operations Document:

Internment and Resettlement:

Project Megiddo:

By: Lisa Haven

General Lee From “Dukes of Hazzard” Losing Its Confederate Flag WOW REALLY?

Genral Lee

They’re now doing George Orwells 1984… in real life. And you’re all taking part in it.


Literally stopping making the “general lee” duke of hazzard car!

This country deserves to get the karma it has coming.

You can’t delete or omit TV shows that were NOT RACIST….

Idiots calling for the banning of a flag are not freedom lovers, and not real Americans by any means.

Say goodbye to the General Lee as you’ve always known it.

In the wake of the deadly South Carolina shooting and the decision by several major retailers to stop selling merchandise featuring the Confederate battle flag, the toy spawned by the hit TV series “Dukes of Hazzard” that became a Southern icon wearing those colors will no longer be produced.

By: Goodfightlads

By: Tat’s 2 Min News

While the car hasn’t been in front of a camera since 2007 — a direct-to-video sequel of the 2005 movie starring Johnny Knoxville — the General Lee remains a popular die-cast and model toy, widely available online. (One of the original cars used in the series sold for $110,000 at auction in 2012 to PGA golfer Bubba Watson.)

Following the move by Walmart, Amazon, eBay and others, and the steps by political leaders in South Carolina, Virginia and elsewhere to remove the flag from state capitols and license plates, Yahoo Autos reached out to Warner Bros. Consumer Products, the branch of the movie studio that licenses toys from the series, asking about the General Lee’s status. This was the official reply:

Warner Bros. Consumer Products has one licensee producing die-cast replicas and vehicle model kits featuring the General Lee with the confederate flag on its roof–as it was seen in the TV series. We have elected to cease the licensing of these product categories.



Mr. Sino

The White Dragons have returned.

Everything I told you , they offered Tatoott and I a chance to JOIN, they offered us MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to make videos to convince our viewers!

The offered me a chance to be a part of the upper group of organizers.. to be high up in the organization.

At the time I didn’t know there were HUNDREDS of other people already involved, and that fellow video makers on youtube had already taken the bait.

My response to their offer was to infiltrate as far as I could without fully joining, and then OUTED THEM FULLY.

That was in 2013. I told the world, and few believed me.

Now, they’re back, and they apparently are going forward with this plan to offer thousands of dollars per month to everyone in the world.


I told you then, in 2013… and now.. here they are.

People said tatoott and I were making it all up, and didn’t believe that we were offered .. that I was offered, millions of dollars, and a chance to be in a high position within…

It all hit the fan after I outed them, as my long time viewers can remember.. months of harassment followed on all angles.

By: Professor Doom1

By: Rise Together

What does “Sino” mean? You’ve been fooled into supporting Chinas NEW WORLD ORDER Etymology of Sino: From Late Latin Sinae (“the Chinese”), from Arabic الصين (al-ṣīn, “China, the Chinese”), from Sanskrit चीन (cina, “China”) Pronunciation IPA(key): /ˈsɪnəʊ/, /ˈsaɪnəʊ/ Prefix Sino- A combining form relating to (the People’s Republic of) China or the Chinese. In the 1970s, Sino-Soviet rivalry also spread to Africa and the Middle East.He’s a Sino-Kadazan: half Chinese, half Kadazan. A combining form relating to Chinese-made goods or business of making them.

By: tatoott1009


Thank You for reading and watching. “LET FREEDOM RING” God Bless us all.

Spirit ❤1148933_10152119832608163_796849080_n


“FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS ALSO” And I damn sure mean it!!!




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