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FINDing Freedom with Jeffrey Sisk of Zeekly

Jeffrey Sisk from joined us and explained how he’s re-releasing Zeekly in his attempt to secure our rights to privacy and free speech. Censorship and copyright strikes are becoming the norm on the Youtube platform and although invalid strikes are disregarded with no recourse on YouTube and other video sites Zeekly promises they will support their users. We as creators of important content are denied our rights to express and losing our videos by way of copy fraud claims by those wanting to suppress our opinions.
Jeffrey along with Dahboo7 and Spiro explain how Zeekly became and the new service of has recently been soft launched in the last few weeks to circumvent against censorship.
Jeffrey is attempting to build a new internet form that will not steal your information and allowing you the user to keep your information private as it should be.
With the TPP being closer to conclusion of signing, Dahboo explained how all websites will be required to adhere to and must comply with new regulations although seemingly illegal. Sites will be warranted to delete the content and ordered to take specific unwanted expession down or suffer punishment under the new laws. You will no longer be able to expose companies who are doing wrong, the powers that be will expressly demand you delete content if you essentially divulge their corruption over the internet. Essentially this move will remove sovereignty and take countries rights away who might want to determine what is best with in their own countries and will protect the corporations and not the people.
The topics covered much of what the New World Order would love to see as each country following the lead or model of China by not only restricting content and right but also changing North American workers to third world wages and work ethics.
Questions for the guest were expressed regarding copyright laws and what steps Zeekly would take to secure our content. What process Zeekly would require a copyright strike or claim to verify those who are making such claims of ownership over our materials. Jeffrey explained how he dealt with past false claims and how he protected us against copy fraud accusations. Claims will need to prove and validate by actual service personal within Zeekly rather than a blanket approach such as Youtube is now using. Service will be the standard with Zeekly and personal communications with the uses is assured by Mr. Sisk.
It is refreshing to hear we can now feel more secure on a platform both within and that our personal information with neither be required to access services nor stored for future use by
We look forward to supporting the zeekly platform and encourage others to move away from the Beast of Youtube and Google.
It’s time to pull away from these corrupt platforms and move on. Use your mouse and make the right decision. You’re the power behind the choices.

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FINDing Freedom with Jeffrey Sisk of Zeekly Oct. 13, 2015

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