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Guns In Chicago – Leland

Guns In Chicago – Leland
Leland provides an inside look at the propaganda on Gun Control as a lie. He gives insight into the situation in Chicago and how criminals are getting their hands on guns. Make a note: Regardless of if you believe his story or not. Criminals are getting their hands on guns that are not common to the general public. Guns could be purchased outside the state and brought in, however how is this possible with exotic weapons? His report makes a lot of sense. So listen to his words and realize there is money in Policing, Prisons, Bureaucracy… Its all about the money, lies and control folks.

The truth about Chicago watch and share. .this what they don’t want our youth to know.

Here is Leland’s original post: https://www.facebook.com/lelandw3/videos/10208045102035208/

Visit their web page at: http://www.maxresistance.com/

Original post by: Maximum “New World Order” Resistance

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