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End The Drug War, Free Minds Free People

The Real Reason Cannabis Is Illegal

#EndTheDrugWar #FreeMindsFreePeople

We have all been lied to for years. Cannabis has so many uses a very piece of nature itself was a threat to certain group of people who had control over the legal system. Time to decriminalize!

#EndTheDrugWar #FreeMindsFreePeople

End the slush fund system. End Corporate Prisons. End the prison slave labor conducted by nonviolent political prisoners. End the reign of the regime! The Constitutional method lies with the States. Vote out or nullify any and all Corporate corrupted representational personage before The War envelopes you and yours… #End TheDrugWar

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Here is a story for you that will go straight to your heart.

Enough with this silly war on marijuana

By Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for the Miami Herald.

Pot Plant

In this photo taken Tuesday, May 5, 2015, a marijuana plant grows at a Minnesota Medical Solutions greenhouse in Otsego, Minn. The crop is coming in at Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of two manufacturers who will be supplying the state’s medical marijuana. (Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT; ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS OUT; MAGS OUT; TWIN CITIES LOCAL TELEVISION OUT(Photo: Glen Stubbe/(Minneapolis) Star Tribune via Associated Press)


Before he tried marijuana, he thought of trying suicide.

Heavy drinking hadn’t helped. Nor had various pills prescribed by Veterans Affairs doctors. He was still angry, still depressed, still could not sleep.

But he found that marijuana helped. It took the anger and depression away. It took the sleeplessness away. Most of all, it took the 11-year-old boy away.

Pfc. Jared Hunter never knew the boy’s name. He was just some Iraqi kid who liked to hang around the Army base outside Baghdad. “He didn’t really speak English or nothing. He would just kind of follow us around and would point things out or tell us if there was somebody there who shouldn’t have been.”


Medical PotMedical marijuana bills get fresh look in Lansing




The soldiers adopted him as a mascot. Hunter bought him a soccer ball.

The boy was with the soldiers when they came under fire while patrolling an alley. When the shooting was over, he was dead.

If combat does nothing else, it hardens you to indiscriminate death. “You just learn to deal with it,” says Hunter. “Something like that happens, at that time you just walk on past it and forget about it. Of course, later on,” he adds softly, “it may come up a little bit or something somewhere.”

It came up with a vengeance on Hunter. He’s a 30-year-old Arkansas native living near Daytona Beach, Fla., who joined the Army in 2003 right out of high school and served two tours. He was discharged with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder, a neat, clinical term for night terrors, heart palpitations, rage and the seductive lure of suicide. Hunter was almost seduced. He says he was sitting there with gun in hand when his father found him.

Finally, a friend suggested something he had never tried: marijuana. He says pot worked like magic. “It calmed the anxiety. I wasn’t having near as many anger problems. … The suicide stuff went away. I didn’t really feel that desperate to do anything like that again. I’ve got a bad back and a bad neck; it relieved any kind of pain that I had. It just helped so tremendously that it was unbelievable. Nightmares … I could actually go to sleep. I didn’t have insomnia. I wasn’t scared to go to sleep. I could actually lay down and … get a halfway decent night’s rest.”

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Marijuana had saved him. Then, last year, police came to his door. He still has no idea who tipped them off. They arrested him and confiscated marijuana plants he says he was growing for his own use. Hunter found himself facing five years in prison. Prosecutors offered a deal: Plead guilty and accept probation. He refused. He didn’t want to be branded a criminal and stripped of his civil rights.

But last week, he accepted a new offer. It requires him to pay court costs and costs of prosecution, amounting to less than $1,000. His record will show not a conviction, but withhold adjudication — essentially, a judicial get-out-of-jail-free card that leaves his civil rights intact.

One is glad Hunter’s legal travails have come to such a favorable end. But who’s to say the next person in his position will be as fortunate? More to the point, we should be appalled this sort of thing is even possible, that a veteran can be threatened with prison because he used the only effective treatment for a wound incurred in the service of his country.

That scenario is viscerally offensive — and well worth remembering as America continues the torturous process of reforming its drug laws and drug hypocrisies.

Hunter, meantime, is thinking seriously of moving to Colorado or some other marijuana-friendly state. The problem, he says, is that cold weather causes his physical wounds intense pain. In effect, then, he is required to decide between the well-being of his body and that of his mind.

That’s a shameful choice to impose on a man who damaged both body and mind fighting for his country — and for, you know, freedom.

Here are some interesting facts: http://norml.org/aboutmarijuana

How Effective Is Medical Marijuana? Here’s A Closer Look At 14 Different Uses

Karen Cicero


Whether you’re in the camp to legalize marijuana or would rather keep it restricted (no judging, here!), it’s high time to size up its medical claims. Pot pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids—but it took till now for 23 states to give their A-Okay for its medicinal use. Prevention asked top docs whether cannabis, med-speak for marijuana, is actually helpful (or at least promising) for nearly two dozen health woes ranging from multiple sclerosis to migraines, cancer pain to epilepsy.

Read More: http://www.prevention.com/health/14-uses-medical-marijuana?adbid=z13ztrj4br2kdz4xy04cjpoxlkyzwzurbes&adbpl=gp&adbpr=109015182690559107214&cid=socHE_20150423_44467486&short_code=2usdn

 Thank You for reading. “LET FREEDOM RING”

This is a plant that our Father in Heaven made for us, there isn’t any man made diseases out there that can’t be cured all you have to do is research what you have and look for an alternative “CURE”, most if not all of your medical Dr’s can’t tell you these things simply because they haven’t been taught, the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want our Dr’s to learn about the alternative cures or they would be out of business, or they will lose there licence for telling you.

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