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One thought on “Carter Ham – New Interim President”

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 It was good that Obama Fired many Military High Ranking Officers as that opened the door for a top ranking General to take control as having an election to take down a Treasonous President would be considered a Coup.And you can NOT have a present Military General who is on duty to reveal the upcoming Coup.
If Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court Fail to take actions against Obama, and many of them are BAR members, then you need to get a Military General who will take down the Present Corrupt Government!
The Interim President can only stay in office for 6 months until there is an Election for the People to vote, and that is why there were 8 presidents before Washington and no one ever mentions them.

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Corporate Government at there best


Amerikaanse journalist Steven Sotloff 2




And this video goes for me as well, Much Love to you all and “LET FREEDOM RING, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS” God Bless us all.

America is Falling Apart – #NewWorldNextWeek – YouTube

America is Falling Apart – #NewWorldNextWeek – YouTube.

The West on the wrong path

Gabor Steingart, publisher, Handelsblatt

By: von Gabor Steingart

In view of the events in Ukraine, the government and many media have switched from level-headed to agitated. The spectrum of opinions has been narrowed to the width of a sniper scope. The politics of escalation does not have a realistic goal – and harms German interests.

DüsseldorfEvery war is accompanied by a kind of mental mobilization: war fever. Even smart people are not immune to controlled bouts of this fever. “This war in all its atrociousness is still a great and wonderful thing. It is an experience worth having“ rejoiced Max Weber in 1914 when the lights went out in Europe. Thomas Mann felt a “cleansing, liberation, and a tremendous amount of hope“.

Even when thousands already lay dead on the Belgian battle fields, the war fever did not subside. Exactly 100 years ago, 93 painters, writers, and scientists composed the “Call to the world of culture.“ Max Liebermann, Gerhart Hauptmann, Max Planck, Wilhelm Röntgen, and others encouraged their countrymen to engage in cruelty towards their neighbor: “Without German militarism, German culture would have been swept from the face of the earth a long time ago. The German armed forces and the German people are one. This awareness makes 70 million Germans brothers without prejudice to education, status, or party.“

We interrupt our own train of thought: “History is not repeating itself!” But can we be so sure about that these days? In view of the war events in the Crimean and eastern Ukraine, the heads of states and governments of the West suddenly have no more questions and all the answers. The US Congress is openly discussing arming Ukraine. The former security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski recommends arming the citizens there for house-to-house and street combat. The German Chancellor, as it is her habit, is much less clear but no less ominous: “We are ready to take severe measures.“

German journalism has switched from level-headed to agitated in a matter of weeks. The spectrum of opinions has been narrowed to the field of vision of a sniper scope.

Newspapers we thought to be all about thoughts and ideas now march in lock-step with politicians in their calls for sanctions against Russia’s President Putin. Even the headlines betray an aggressive tension as is usually characteristic of hooligans when they ‘support’ their respective teams.

The Tagesspiegel: “Enough talk!“ The FAZ: “Show strength“. The Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Now or never.“ The Spiegel calls for an “End to cowardice“: “Putin’s web of lies, propaganda, and deception has been exposed. The wreckage of MH 17 is also the result of a crashed diplomacy.“

Western politics and German media agree.

Read More: http://www.handelsblatt.com/meinung/kommentare/essay-in-englisch-the-west-on-the-wrong-path/10308406.html

Israel Grants Oil Rights Inside Illegally Occupied Golan Heights Syria: To Rupert Murdoch And Jacob Rothschild.

Thank You for doing you homework on this, Much Love And God Bless us all. “LET FREEDOM RING”

Political Vel Craft

Constructing A Palestine, Israeli False Flag Campaign!

The Rothschild zionists along with their coconspirators, The British government, and British royalty confiscated Palestine for Rothschild, and the Georgian Khazars who are no more Hebrew Jewish than the man in the moon.
  1. Israel Has Lots Of Oil ~ Washington Times!
  2. Israel Richest Oil Country In The World ~ Omega Letter
  3. Israel’s Giant Off-Shore Oil and Gas Field Israel National News!
  4. USGS identifies potential giant oil and gas fields in Israel/Palestine

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MH17: black box flight recorders from the downed Malaysia Airlines plane shows it was destroyed | Tat’s Revolution


To The Intolerant Progressive Left: Any questions?

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