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I Pet Goat 2 Hangman – Phallus , Shark, 88′s IDENTIFIED at a School!



By: David Meyers

IPG2 blackboard at/near Killam Elementary

This video places several of the I Pet Goat 2 blackboard objects all at or near Killam Elementary in Reading, MA. You will see the hangman, phallus, shark and the mini-pyramid are easily placed here. I first looked at Killam because the June 6th shooting in Moncton Canada was on prom Killam Dr and the police search area was very similar to the roads surrounding this school in Reading.

The hangman (actually a cemetery) is very clear to see but its orientation is mirrored from the I Pet Goat 2 blackboard. So I clipped out the remaining objects, added contrast and colors and started looking for their “home”. It wasn’t long before I was certain exactly where they were “meant” to be.

When I saw the shark’s eye and the semen drops matched, all heading for a business with “happy face” and “clown” in it’s name and placed the school in the shark’s mouth as well I knew I was on the right track.

There are many supporting clues as well. For example, the hangman center line leads directly to Killam School. Timberneck Dr is just above the hangman. The Tribe of Dan (Dana St) feeds into the shark’s mouth and more “oddities” as well.

At the end quick look at some alignments with 88′s in the area and some other weirdness that just jumped out at me.

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