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Illuminati’s Black Gold Project-Reloaded Version

There is Only One Game..Everything Else is,Smoke and Mirrors!!!

Black and Gold
This video will finally connect some dots you may be looking for in your search for the Truth! Doesn’t matter if you are a spiritual person or hate religion..This is a MUST WATCH!
You will see somethings in this video that will probably shock you!
Warning, This is one of the deepest videos I’ve put together !
What I show,I didn’t want to believe ..but the evidence is to overwhelming!

Please watch start to finish..Promise it will be worth your time!
This video will finally connect some dots you may be looking for in your search for the Truth! Doesn’t matter if you are a spiritual person or hate religion..YOU need to watch! You will see somethings in this video that will probably shock you! Warning, This is one of the deepest videos I’ve put together ! What I show,I didn’t want to believe ..but the evidence is to overwhelming!
Includes breakdown of Lady Ga Ga Commercial,Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight,LUCY Movie,scientific Communities
all telling you the samething.
– See full interviews found in video and bonus material at:http://www.nicholson1968.com/nicholson1968s-post/coming-sooniiiuminatis-black-gold-project
This is his YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/nicholson1968
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Video: Putin Blames U.S. for Destabilizing World Order – U.S. to Blame for the World’s Major Conflicts

Putin Blames U.S. for Destabilizing World Order – U.S. to Blame for the World’s Major Conflicts

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US of undermining global stability, and warned that the world will face new wars if Washington does not respect the interests of other nations.

During a speech in the Russian city of Sochi, the President argued that while Moscow does not see Washington as a threat US foreign policy has created chaos.

Citing the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria, he went on to accuse the US and its allies of “fighting against the results of its own policy”.

“They are throwing their might to remove the risks they have created themselves, and they are paying an increasing price,” Putin told political experts at the Black Sea resort.

“I think that the policies of the ruling elite are erroneous. I am convinced that they go against our interests, undermine trust in the United States,” he said without offering specific examples.

“The probability of a series of acute conflicts with indirect and even direct involvement of major powers has sharply increased,” he said.

“Ukraine is an example of such conflicts that influence a global balance of forces, and, I think, not the last one.”

Addressing the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, which has dragged Russia-West relations to their lowest point since the Cold War, Mr Putin admitted that Russia had helped former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich to flee in February.

“I will say it openly – he asked to be driven away to Russia. Which we did,” Putin said.

Vladimir Putin will seek to use a military parade in Belgrade on Thursday to portray Russia and its allies as a bulwark against the rise of neo-Nazism across Europe.

The cold war-style parade involving tanks, phalanxes of soldiers and a flyover by military jets will be the first of its kind that Serbia has held for nearly three decades.

The last time, the country was still part of socialist Yugoslavia.

The event is to commemorate the liberation of Belgrade from Nazi occupation by Yugoslav Partisans and the Red Army 70 years ago.

The date of the ceremony was moved forward four days to fit in with Putin’s timetable.

President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia’s armed forces, backed by its nuclear arsenal, were ready to meet any aggression, declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp that foreign states should understand:

“It’s best not to mess with us.”

The billionaire globalist George Soros has taken to the pages of The New York Review of Books to call for war with Russia.

The master manipulator, who admitted orchestrating the fascist coup in Ukraine, writes that Europe faces an existential threat from Russia.

He says a Europe enfeebled by the 2008 Eurozone crisis is unable to counter the Russian threat “that poses a fundamental challenge to the values and principles on which the European Union was originally founded.”

Even with everything that has happened between the United States and Russia lately, most Americans still believe that “the Cold War is over” and that Russia presents absolutely no threat to us.


Putin Blames U.S. for Destabilizing World Order – U.S. to Blame for the World’s Major Conflicts.

Published on Oct 25, 2014 By Elite NWO Agenda


Thomas Eric Duncan: Something doesn’t make sense here!

Thomas Eric Duncan: Something doesn’t make sense here!

Thomas Eric DuncanAn interesting review of a few books by ProfessorDoom1 and a jump down the Rabbit Hole in his research around the Ebola Agenda and Propaganda being released by the various Media. The significants of the links in story lines and what is currently occurring is phenomenal. Not to mention the fact many of the coverage of biologist who died prior to this supposed outbreak is staggering.

Continuation of Absolute Zero Book Review:

This book about fleas Rats and spreading the Plague is also something to check out I also provide a News story link that may go hand in hand with this book..

Rat City! NY vermin carry 18 new viruses – scientists

Then we have the deaths of all the biologists

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Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and more!The Elite’s Age of the Great Work

Real Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones and more!The Elite’s Age of the Great Work

By: nicholson1968
Please watch from beginning to the end, I promise it will be worth
your time! This is one of the most important videos you will ever see from N68 and I hope from anywhere else. I tried to make this for those who are beginners in getting to the truth, but deep enough for those advanced. It will answer and connect alot of dots
with the Georgia Guidestones. But, its also about what the Elite are up to and what they are trying to accomplish. I promise that you will see some things in this video that you will not find anywhere on the internet. This is not about views or subs..this is about the truth for humanity. You have my permission to reupload and share,
all I ask is that you give a link back to my website..in order for the viewer to ask me questions if need be.
More Bonus material at: http://www.nicholson1968.com/the-elites-age-of-the-great-work.html

“The Future is Gold”..the Magnum Opus

This is a MUST SEE for those who have watched
N68’s Video”Secrets of the Georgia Guidestones/The Elite’s Age of the Great Work”
This is Bonus Material that was not included in Video, but will
without a doubt show you a message being sent…as always right in front of the masses who are not awake! Hope you enjoy..N68
Link to Full Bonus Material,pics,videos,interview,music used, etc…


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Ebola Fake or Real, A reason for “MARSHAL LAW”

Ebola Fake or Real

Medical Martial Law – Ebola Becomes Airborne As Flu Strain Virus Mutates

Bill Gates

I personally think this Ebola scare is a scare, but the virus is real. The “outbreak” can be totally real, while still being staged. It also can be “mimicked”So please keep this in mind as well!

Also please follow the links in the descriptions click on the YouTube name on the video and it will open up another tab for the video.

Also 1:20 in I pet Goat you will see the (Rabbit in the focal point) 2014 is the year of the Rabbit! I pet Goat was published in 2012.

Like Oklahoma city, Waco, 9/11, pearl harbor, gulf of Tomkin, the Lusitania… all involved real people dying to achieve a goal.

Some say the Spanish flu was staged after WW1 .. that it was a bio agent released which was spread for depopulation. It was “staged” but real back then..

Could be the same thing now.

We’ll all know in about a week or less… if thousands start to turn up sick, then we’ve got a problem… if , in a week (or two weeks at the most) if only a handful of people are sick, then you know the false flag failed.

I think the US military industrial complex lost out on a “war” with ISIS.. public opinion wouldn’t allow it… so the next best thing is an “outbreak” to pay the bills for the next several months.

Notice UKRAINE fell off the map when Russia did their flyby’s on the West Coast a few weeks ago..

Notice CHINA, INDIA, and other countries with large populations in squalor conditions ARE NOT WORRIED about Ebola.

China has the most interaction with Africa.. new farms.. energy, mining etc… and yet no outbreak worries in China. Same with India.

Yet we’re worried here…. due to the media drum beating.. that’s why we’re all worried…

Like I said, we’ll know in a week or two at the most if its real…. in two weeks, if people are not all sick… we’ve got some ball busting to do on the MSM, CDC, and some investigation to do on the outbreak in Africa.

Sin & Cos

At 26 seconds of Miley video a “Rainbow Scarab Beetle

CORRECTION: 2014 Is the Year of the (HORSE)
Correction: 2014 is the year of the Horse
Rainbow Scarab Beetle is used as Egyptian Symbol

Rainbow Scarab Beetle

Also notice the Red Smoke Signal In the Miley Video at 4:10

Also 1:20 in I pet Goat you will see the (Rabbit in the focal point) 2014 is the year of the Rabbit! I pet Goat was published in 2012.

Your Thoughts is Ebola Real or Fake, please chime in.




I personally think this Ebola scare is a scare, but the virus is real. The “outbreak” can be totally real, while still being staged. It also can be “mimicked”So please keep this in mind as well!

Thank You for reading and watching there is a lot of great info here, at this point we don’t no which way to go, so please keep your self prepared with supplies and immune system boosters and colloidal Silver, to help fight this off what ever it might be.


Turkish TV Series airs episode of beheading!


Turkish Espionage Crime Drama; Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu using predictive programming to show ISIS BEHEADINGS

Turkish Espionage Crime Drama; Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu( valley of the wolves) copying ISIS BEHEADINGS

Below is a trailer link to a new season starting tomorrow.

Mimicking a “real” life event cements the programming of the TV on the viewer, as it blurs the lines between reality and fiction. SOAP drama story lines reflect real life events and discuss topics as this is effective in the notion that the characters are real on a sub conscious level.

Further Investigation: by ProfessorDoom1

check out the shows trailer here.

Just from what I could find out about this Turkish television show has lead me to believe it is well within the realm of controlled by the elite within the Bolly or Holly Wood designers. I found an interesting segment while pursuing the series and came up with this little tidbit.

Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia on a Turkish Television Series? Yep two of the well known entertainment controlled puppets of deceit and deception, Stone (always the slut) and Garcia (always the Mafia Boss) are deep into the series and according to this propaganda piece consider themselves as GODS. These old sellouts are finding a revived life in a series that pushes criminal activity and police brutality to the limits.

I can’t make this stuff up. They (Stone & Garcia) come across in the series as the controllers of the world. Sound familiar? It should when you consider who they seem to be depicting from real life.
“The Rothschilds”


Awe! What a nice normal looking couple. Interesting about their pictures, although you can find their names on Wikipedia their pictures do not show up. For all we know these two are actually actors in their place.

I am noticing with frequency pictures of various Elite Characters seemingly disappearing off of Wikipedia.org. Search various elites and you will find the same. Their pictures of what appears to have been presented to us as their characters are visible online however not on Wikipedia. I just found that interesting. We are invariably presented with pictures and meetings of these people all the time. However we really don’t know if the people shown to us are actually the real individuals or actors portraying those they are paid to protect and hide. After all you can’t have the richest people in the world hunted down and recognized on site, once their crimes become public knowledge. It has been done various times throughout history, the elite hide behind doubles or impostors to protect themselves from the ravishes of the public, once crimes are recognized.

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ISIS IS HERE! CNN Caught Staging ‘ISIS Psyop In Ferguson’



This is exactly what Hamas-CAIR is orchestrating. CAIR has been exploiting the violence and divide in Missouri for their own supremacist ends. Using the violence in Ferguson as a wedge issue, Hamas-CAIR is tying the faux “Muslim victimhood” fiction to the ugly chaos in Missouri, seeking to gin up the jihad among American blacks and Muslims.

“How is democracy treating you guys?” ISIS militants take to social media to encourage Ferguson protesters to embrace Islamic extremism. ISIS supporters are urging Ferguson demonstrators to embrace Islam and using social media to stir up racial hatred and encourage yet more violence in the cause of jihad.

Jihadists are calling for ISIS supporters in U.S. to travel to Ferguson to join protests.


Evil, brothers, pure evil.

Chilling Sign For ISIS Appears In Ferguson News Report On CNN (VIDEO)


lass=”meta-author”> | August 19, 2014

Now things are getting out of control

During Jake Tapper’s newscast for CNN on the race riots in Ferguson the other night, a bone-chilling sign proclaiming “ISIS Is Here” appeared behind him as he conduct an on the street interview. This is what was broadcast live on CNN:

It would appear that ISIS has indeed arrived, and probably through the southern border that Obama insists on leaving wide open.

Courtesy of Pamela Geller.

 NOTE* A specific statement in the article says “How is Democracy treating you?” We at MaxResistance would like to remind you, America was never a Democracy. The founding fathers designed and implemented a Republic and the trick as Franklin pointed out was in keeping it that way. Corporations what you to believe the 51% rule. If they vote with that extra 1% over the majority then their rules are law. Don’t let them steal your country over ignorance. The devil’s in the details. Know what it is they are pushing for. Your rights, lives and property are the goals of the NWO. These fiends are after you and your children’s future don’t give it to them for lack of knowledge. Knowledge is Power.


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Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!

Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!


July 23,2014

July 22, 2014 tatoott1009


Here is that video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2eQ3XGqMWA





Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!













Luxor Temple


The bee is a symbol of lower Egypt and is seen in temple carvings; honey were the tears of Ra; Neith was The Veiled Goddess and cited to be the mother of Ra; Neith’s temple was the House of the Bee and is where Plato heard of the account of Atlantis; bees are hymenoptera, stemming from hymen, meaning “veil winged”; Osiris’s sanctuary was The Mansion of the Bee; beginning with the first dynasty, pharaohs held the title of The Beekeeper; tomb paintings show that bees were part of daily life; there is a bee hieroglyph; predynastic rock carvings show antennaed head dresses and dancing women; the step pyramids look like hives; pharaonic headdresses (death masks) have bee-like striping;

The statue of Ephesus Artemis


Represents one of the copies of the cult statue of Artemis worshiped in the sanctuary of Ephesus, which is known only through reproductions and, in particular, from the coins issued by the city’s mint beginning from Hellenistic times.

The goddess is depicted rigidly upright and stretches out her arms; on her head she wears a polos in the shape of a tower with arched gateways, from the sides of which emerges a disc, decorated with four protoms of winged lions on each side. She wears a breastplate on which, in bas relief, there are the signs of the zodiac of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Libra and Sagitarius, and a necklace from which hang acorns. The bust supports four rows of breasts as a fertility symbol or, in the opinion of other scholars, the scrotum’s of bulls which were ritually sacrificed to the goddess.


The tight-fitting dress on her legs is decorated at the front with protoms of lions, bulls and winged horses which jut out, set within five overlapping squares while, along the sides, it is decorated by winged sirens, rosettes, sphinxes and bees; the latter are also repeated in the lower part of the dress at the point where it opens to reveal the tunic below which opens fanlike to show her feet. The sleeves of the goddess are decorated with three lions rampant. The face, hands and feet are made of bronze, the result of restoration by Valadier, who was also responsible, together with Albacini, for the polos, part of the halo and the lower part of the body; the restoration work was carried out when the statue was trasferred from Rome to Naples, where the statue was displayed for the first time.

Artemis was one of the most widely venerated deities in ancient Greece; she was the Hellenic goddess of (among other things) forests and hills, fertility and the hunt. “Luxurious” doesn’t begin to do justice to the work. It is a complex ensemble of Roman iconography and the result of a revitalization of the cult of Artemis promoted by Roman emperors Trajan and Hadrian.

Artemis was often described as the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo. She was the Hellenic goddess of forests and hills, child birth, virginity, fertility, the hunt, and often was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrows. The deer and the cypress were sacred to her.

The Monument: frieze 


The sculpture on the west panel of the pedestal, facing Fish Street Hill, is a basso-relievo by Caius Gabriel Cibber, the sculptor, which represents the King affording protection to the desolate City and, freedom to its rebuilders and inhabitants.


The design is allegorical and displays a female figure, representing the City of London, sitting on ruins in a languishing condition, her head hanging down, her hair dishevelled and her left hand lying carelessly upon her sword; behind is Time with his wings and bald head, gradually raising her up. Another female figure by her side gently touches her with one hand and, with a winged sceptre in the other, points upwards to two goddesses sitting in the clouds, one with a cornucopia, denoting Plenty, the other having a palm branch in her left hand, signifying Peace. At her feet is a bee-hive, denoting Industry, (Hence The Bee Keeper or Queen Bee)  by which the greatest difficulties can be surmounted. Beneath the figure of London, in the midst of the ruins, is a dragon supporting a shield bearing the arms of the City of London. Over her head are shown houses burning and flames breaking out through the windows. Behind Time is a group of citizens raising -their hands in encouragement.

Opposite these figures is a pavement of stone raised with three or four steps, on which stands King Charles II in Roman costume, with a baton in his right hand and a laurel wreath on his head, corning towards the City of London, and commanding three of his attendants to descend to her relief. The first represents Science, with a winged head and a circle of naked boys dancing on it, and in her hand a figure of Nature with her numerous breasts ready to give assistance to all. The second is Architecture holding in the right hand a plan, and in the left, a square and compasses. The third figure is Liberty waving a cap in the air.

Behind the King stands his brother, the Duke of York, holding in one hand a garland to crown the rising city, and in the other an uplifted sword for her defense.The two figures behind are justice with a coronet, and Fortitude with a reined lion. Above these figures are represented houses in building and laborer’s at work. Lastly, underneath the stone pavement on which the King stands, is a figure of Envy gnawing a heart and emitting contagious fumes from her envenomed mouth.

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I Pet Goat 2 Hangman – Phallus , Shark, 88′s IDENTIFIED at a School!



By: David Meyers

IPG2 blackboard at/near Killam Elementary

This video places several of the I Pet Goat 2 blackboard objects all at or near Killam Elementary in Reading, MA. You will see the hangman, phallus, shark and the mini-pyramid are easily placed here. I first looked at Killam because the June 6th shooting in Moncton Canada was on prom Killam Dr and the police search area was very similar to the roads surrounding this school in Reading.

The hangman (actually a cemetery) is very clear to see but its orientation is mirrored from the I Pet Goat 2 blackboard. So I clipped out the remaining objects, added contrast and colors and started looking for their “home”. It wasn’t long before I was certain exactly where they were “meant” to be.

When I saw the shark’s eye and the semen drops matched, all heading for a business with “happy face” and “clown” in it’s name and placed the school in the shark’s mouth as well I knew I was on the right track.

There are many supporting clues as well. For example, the hangman center line leads directly to Killam School. Timberneck Dr is just above the hangman. The Tribe of Dan (Dana St) feeds into the shark’s mouth and more “oddities” as well.

At the end quick look at some alignments with 88′s in the area and some other weirdness that just jumped out at me.


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