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This is a video clip from a blog post I want you to watch please pay close attention to what he has to say,


Now this is the video that Sgt. Maj. Page gave to Oath Keepers and this is what Oath Keepers is suppose to be about, This is what Oath Keepers has always been about up until now, And if they have changed their ways to the corporate ways I’m out, I don’t know about you but I’m not for the corporate way of life, I believe in the freedoms of life that God himself gave us in our original Constitution. Here is his speech:

Note: The Statements made by Sargent Major Dan Page do not reflect the opinions of our local Oath Keeper Chapter, nor the national organization. Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order.

This next link is to a blog and it is called:

Obama orders review of U.S. police use of military hardware


Here is a video that I found very interesting I feel as though you need to hear it as well,

Ferguson, Missouri Riots & The Militarization Of Police – WHAT YOU’RE NOT BEING TOLD

They are keeping everyone distracted while disaster is about to strike….NO MORE FREEDOM JUST READ AND SEE


The U.S. Constitution Needs You


Here is a post I found just this morning if y’all want to think it’s still not our government just take a look:


Now what do you think, and here is another:

They are keeping everyone distracted while disaster is about to strike.. Russia just said they are at full readiness for war—Against who?


I’m asking for y’all to help please spread the word we live under corporate government and we have become a police state in almost every state in what we call the United States, which has not been a country since 1871. So please help, Thank You and as always “LET FREEDOM RING, FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”God Bless.

MY OPINION RED ALERT ! President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an Executive Order 13295 : (EBOLA)



Since 2004, there have not been any known cases of SARS reported anywhere in the world. The content in this Web site was developed for the 2003 SARS epidemic. But, some guidelines are still being used. Any new SARS updates will be posted on this Web site.

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
April 4, 2003

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 361(b) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 264(b)), it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Based upon the recommendation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the “Secretary”), in consultation with the Surgeon General, and for the purpose of specifying certain communicable diseases for regulations providing for the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases, the following communicable diseases are hereby specified pursuant to section 361(b) of the Public Health Service Act:

(a) Cholera; Diphtheria; infectious Tuberculosis; Plague; Smallpox; Yellow Fever; and Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (Lassa, Marburg, Ebola, Crimean-Congo, South American, and others not yet isolated or named).

(b) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which is a disease associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, is transmitted from person to person predominantly by the aerosolized or droplet route, and, if spread in the population, would have severe public health consequences.

Sec. 2. The Secretary, in the Secretary’s discretion, shall determine whether a particular condition constitutes a communicable disease of the type specified in section 1 of this order.

Sec. 3. The functions of the President under sections 362 and 364(a) of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 265 and 267(a)) are assigned to the Secretary.

Sec. 4. This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit enforceable at law or equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, entities, officers, employees or agents, or any other person.

Sec. 5. Executive Order 12452 of December 22, 1983, is hereby revoked.

George W. Bush

The White House,

April 4, 2003.







As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an executive order that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.”

The executive order, titled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends executive order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”

The amendment signed by Obama replaces subsection (b) of the original Bush executive order which referred only to SARS. Obama’s amendment allows for the detention of Americans who display, “Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.”

Although Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities.

Although the quarantining of people suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus seems like a perfectly logical move, the actual preconditions for this to happen aren’t restricted to just those suffering from the disease.

As we highlighted earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has measures in place for dealing with an outbreak of a communicable disease which allow for the quarantine of “well persons” who “do not show symptoms” of the disease.

In addition, under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, public health authorities and governors would be given expanded police powers to seize control of communications devices, public and private property, as well as a host of other draconian measures in the event of a public health emergency.

When the legislation was introduced, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons warned that it “could turn governors into dictators.”

Yesterday it was reported that Emory University Hospital in Atlanta was set to receive a patient infected with Ebola. A hospital in Germany also accepted an infected patient earlier this week. Some critics have raised concerns about the risk of deliberately importing infected individuals into the west.


Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation has dosed the first subject in a Phase 1 human clinical trial of TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola viral therapeutic that is being developed under a US$140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense.
Study to assess safety tolerability and pharmacokinetics of TKM-Ebola


Here is the link that proves the human testing was done Prior to the first case to show up in February. http://biotechnologyfocus.ca/tekmira-…
For those of you who thinks a cashless society is impossible, look ahead. It makes one think of Imposed RFID


The TKM-Ebola Phase 1 clinical trial is a randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled study involving single ascending doses and multiple ascending doses of TKM-Ebola. The study will assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of administering TKM-Ebola to healthy adult subjects. Four subjects will be enrolled per cohort. There are four planned cohorts for a total of 16 subjects in the single dose arm, and three planned cohorts for a total of 12 subjects in the multiple dose arm of the trial. Each cohort will enroll three subjects who receive TKM-Ebola, and one who will receive placebo.
Promising results in non-human primates

Earlier preclinical studies were published in the medical journal The Lancet and demonstrated that when siRNA targeting the Ebola virus and delivered by Tekmira’s LNP technology were used to treat previously infected non-human primates, the result was 100 per cent protection from an otherwise lethal dose of Zaire Ebola virus (Geisbert et al., The Lancet, Vol 375, May 29, 2010).

This work is being conducted under contract with the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) BioDefense Therapeutics (BD Tx), a Joint Product Manager within the Medical Countermeasure Systems (JPM-MCS) Joint Project Management Office. Tekmira’s collaboration with the JPM-MCS was modified and expanded in 2013 to include significant advances in LNP formulation technology since the initiation of the program in 2010.



How to make COLLOIDAL SILVER (Easy)
Colloidal Silver is the most potent disinfectant and antiseptic, and on-contact killer of viruses, bacteria, fungi and all kinds of germs. My guess is, if you want to make it, you probably know what is does, and how it has been used for the last 3,000 years. Since you can make it yourself and you need no prescription, you will not see it on TV — ever!
Items you need:
2 ft. common electric wire (any laying around in the house)
4 small alligator clamps ( $6 for 4 at the hardware store)
A bit of electric tape.
3 9V batteries ( about $ 10)
Distilled water $0.99
Saline (eyewash drops) $2-3.00
1 ft silver wire, 999.99 pure . $10-25.00, depending on gauge, a thin one will do fine.
A glass (for the electrolysis) no plastic or metal containersInstructions in the video.
You don’t need a box for the apparatus or soldering anything. twist the wires and cover with electric tape. Just connect your batteries in series to get 27 Volt.
When you are done, clean the oxidized wire with a rough cloth or soda, and store all the pieces in a zip-lock bag until next time.
Store colloidal silver in glass, away from light.============================



Garlic for food and medicine – a brief history

Garlic has been used all over the world for thousands of years. Records indicate that garlic was in use when the Giza pyramids were built, about five thousand years ago.

Richard S. Rivlin wrote in the Journal of Nutrition1 that the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates (circa. 460-370 BC), known today as “the father of Western medicine”, prescribed garlic for a wide range of conditions and illnesses. Hippocrates promoted the use of garlic for treating respiratory problems, parasites, poor digestion and fatigue. The original Olympic athletes in Ancient Greece were given garlic – possibly the earliest example of “performance enhancing” agents used in sports.

From Ancient Egypt garlic spread to the advanced ancient civilizations of the Indus Valley (Pakistan and western India today). From there it made its way to China.

According to experts at Kew Gardens2, England’s royal botanical center of excellence, the people of ancient India valued the therapeutic properties of garlic and also thought it to be an aphrodisiac. The upper classes avoided garlic because they despised its strong odor, while monks, “…widows, adolescents and those who had taken up a vow or were fasting could not eat garlic because of its stimulant quality”.


Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!

Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!


July 23,2014

July 22, 2014 tatoott1009


Here is that video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2eQ3XGqMWA





Breaking: Photos PROVE Crashed Malaysian Jet was MH-370!










Thanks to Tukker R. for reporting this!


Above: 2nd week of July 2014, earthquakes resume along the magma chamber of Yellowstone

: :




From Associated Press + TWC :





The ever-changing thermal geology of Yellowstone National Park has created a hot spot that melted an asphalt road and closed access to popular geysers and other attractions at the height of tourist season, officials said Thursday.

As they examined possible fixes, park officials warned visitors not to hike into the affected area, where the danger of stepping through solid-looking soil into boiling-hot water was high.

“There are plenty of other great places to see thermal features in the park,” Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash said. “I wouldn’t risk personal injury to see these during this temporary closure.”


Naturally changing thermal features often damage Yellowstone’s roads and boardwalks. Steaming potholes in asphalt roads and parking lots — marked off by traffic cones — are fairly common curiosities.

However, the damage to Firehole Lake Drive is unusually severe and could take several days to fix. The 3.3-mile loop six miles north of Old Faithful takes visitors past Great Fountain Geyser, White Dome Geyser and Firehole Lake.

Unusually warm weather for Yellowstone — with high temperatures in the mid-80s — has contributed to turning the road into a hot, sticky mess.

“We’ve got some ideas. We’re going to try them. Our maintenance staff has really looked at the issue,” Nash said.


Several popular attractions at Yellowstone National Park are temporarily off-limits because of a melting road, officials said Thursday.

Extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas created a hot spot that melted asphalt on Firehole Lake Drive, a 3.3-mile loop that takes tourists past Great Fountain Geyser, White Dome Geyser and Firehole Lake.

As park officials examined possible fixes, they warned visitors not to hike into the affected area, where the danger of stepping through solid-looking soil into boiling-hot water was high.


“There are plenty of other great places to see thermal features in the park,” Yellowstone spokesman Al Nash said. “I wouldn’t risk personal injury to see these during this temporary closure.”

Naturally changing thermal features often damage Yellowstone’s roads and boardwalks. Steaming potholes in asphalt roads and parking lots — marked off by traffic cones — are fairly common curiosities.


However, the damage to Firehole Lake Drive is unusually severe and could take several days to fix.

Unusually warm weather for Yellowstone — with high temperatures in the mid-80s — has contributed to turning the road into a hot, sticky mess.

“We’ve got some ideas. We’re going to try them. Our maintenance staff has really looked at the issue,” Nash said.


Special end note:

Asphalt concrete pavement melts (and boils) at 200-300F (95-120C) temps.

Just a few quick road pavement info searches turns this up from the road department:

“Mixing is generally performed with the aggregate at about 300 °F (roughly 150 °C) for virgin asphalt and 330 °F (166 °C) for polymer modified asphalt, and the asphalt cement at 200 °F (95 °C”

Thermals melt road, force closure in Yellowstone National Park

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – Firehole Lake Drive in Yellowstone National Park has been temporarily closed due to a damaged road surface, park officials said Thursday.

According to a press release, extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas has caused thick oil to bubble to the surface, damaging the blacktop and creating unsafe driving conditions on the popular and scenic road off the Grand Loop Road halfway between Old Faithful and Madison Junction in the park’s Lower Geyser Basin.

The 3.3-mile loop drive takes visitors past Great Fountain Geyser, White Dome Geyser and Firehole Lake.

The road will remain closed for the next several days while maintenance crews make repairs. The date for reopening the road will be determined after crews assess the situation.

Updated Yellowstone National Park road information is available 24 hours a day by calling 307-344-2117, or visit:http://www.nps.gov/yell/planyourvisit/parkroads.htm




A grim report prepared by Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev on the just completed scientific mission of North America carried out by 4 Tupolev Tu-95 strategic aircraft and 2 Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueling tankers that “electronically swept” for “magnetic anomalies” from Alaska to California warns that a “catastrophic event” may be nearing for this region.


US officials, it should be noted, characterized this purely scientific mission as a “bombing run” that came within 50 miles of California, but which their Air Forces were able to repel by their launching of F-15 fighter jets.

This report, however, states that this scientific mission was necessitated by a “severe mysterious magnetic anomaly” detected by the Kosmos 2473 satellite on 3 June occurring in the Yellowstone region of the Western United States which resulted in what is called an “earthquake swarm.”

Most important to note about the 3 June Yellowstone “magnetic anomaly”, this report continues, are that satellite measurements show it being precipitated by the mysterious earthquake swarm hitting the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska, and which seismologists are still at a loss to explain.

The information relating to the linking of these two “events”, this report says, was further verified by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) magnetic anomaly maps and data for North America showing a strange magnetic “disturbance/ripple” emanating from Brooks Range and ending at Yellowstone on 3 June, both of these areas, it is important to note, being part of the Rocky Mountains that stretch more than 4,830 km (3,000 miles) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States.

Of grave concern to Russian military authorities relating to these “events”, General Bondarev says in his report, was the “catastrophic effect” they had on the advanced “magnetoception” inertial navigation systems employed by many US-NATO-Russian warplanes which use these highly sophisticated aircraft flight devices.


Though no Russia military aircraft were near the “disturbed magnetic zone” emanating our from Yellowstone on 3 June, this report says, two US military aircraft were at its “boundaries” in the Southern California region on 4 June while this “event” was still “active” causing them both to crash.

The two US fighter jets crashing on 4 June, this report continues, were identified as a US Navy F-A-183 that went down when the pilot was attempting to land aboard the carrier Carl Vinson, and a US Marine Harrier AV-8B jet that crashed into a residential community in Imperial, about 90 miles east of San Diego, both of them occurring within hours of each other.

This report notes that no civilian aircraft would have been affected by this “magnetic anomaly” as only the most advanced military aircraft employ these “geomagnetic-satellite” coordinated flight systems which enable them to “hug the terrain” not unlike the magnetic systems used by birds and insects to navigate.

Russian concerns relating to “magnetic anomalies”, it is important to note, are related to the rapidly shifting north magnetic pole which since 2005 has been moving at a rate of 40 kilometers (25 miles) a year from Arctic Canada toward Siberia.

Frightening independent research from last year (2013) further warns that this shift is still picking up speed and according to this researcher should reach Siberia in at least within 2 years. [See video HERE (banned in US)]

One of the effects of the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole being noticed the most, this report notes, are the airport runway systems being disrupted because of it, and as we can read one such 2011 example which occurred in the US:

“Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways Thursday to account for the movement of the Earth’s magnetic fields, information that pilots rely upon to navigate planes. Thanks to the fluctuations in the force, the airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The poles are generated by movements within the Earth’s inner and outer cores, though the exact process isn’t exactly understood. They’re also constantly in flux, moving a few degrees every year, but the changes are almost never of such a magnitude that runways require adjusting, said Paul Takemoto, a spokesman for the FAA.”

The most chilling aspects of General Bondarev’s report relating to these “events” are the equations he uses in postulating that what is now occurring in North America with these “mysterious magnetic anomalies” occurring over a large expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and when combined with the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole and growing evidence of global climate change, give “huge credibility” to what is called “The Expanding Earth Theory”.

The expanding Earth or growing Earth hypothesis asserts that the position and relative movement of continents is at least partially due to the volume of Earth increasing and stands in contrast to that of plate tectonics, but which new findings relating to “aether theories” and dark matter, General Bondarev summarizes, means “grave consideration” must be given to the words of University of California, Davis, cosmologist Dr. Andreas Albrecht who warned: “We’ve hit some really profound problems with cosmology Ð with dark matter and dark energy, that tells us we have to rethink fundamental physics and try something new.”

Or in simple terms, this report ends, “We may be on the verge of a catastrophic North American “event” that could possibly change the world forever, we should be prepared.”


7/11/2014 — CONFIRMED — Road melts at Yellowstone due to geothermal heat — Oil bubbling


Untitled277-345x175Yellowstone outer limits M3.2 – 8km NE of Tooele

Untitled247-345x175What Do The Animals Know We Don’t Know? ALERT Yellowstone Earthquake 4.7

Untitled2151-345x175NEW STORY 4/14/2014 Animals Leaving Yellowstone? 4.7M & 4.9M (5.0M) Earthquake strikes the Western Yellowstone

Untitled1991-345x175UPDATE 4/3/14 Yellowstone Magma Chamber Animals Leaving Yellowstone? What Do They Know We Don’t Know?

10295487_742855585766868_7009855097557843368_o-345x175MODERATE MOVEMENT RETURNS, TO YELLOWSTONE ARE THE ANIMALS RUNNING THIS TIME ?…

Untitled193-345x1753/30/2014 Yellowstone Magma Chamber Animals Leaving Yellowstone? What Do They Know We Don’t Know?

Untitled414-345x175The earthquake swarms return to Yellowstone supervolcano…


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Super Typhoon Neoguri: Okinawa, Japan in Path of Strongest Typhoon

Super Typhoon Neoguri: Okinawa, Japan in Path of Strongest Typhoon



Super Typhoon Neoguri, the strongest typhoon so far in the 2014 Western Pacific season, is an extremely dangerous tropical cyclone as it churns toward Okinawa and potentially other parts of Japan over the next couple of days.

The system became a typhoon – the Western Pacific equivalent of a hurricane – on Friday. Neoguri is currently turning northward about 340 miles south of Kadena Air Base, the U.S. Air Force installation on the island of Okinawa.






Super Typhoon Neoguri Okinawa, Japan in Path of Strongest Typhoon by TAT’S 2 MIN NEWS

(PHOTOS: Hurricane Arthur Slams the U.S. East Coast)

The U.S. Joint Typhoon Warning Center estimated Neoguri’s sustained winds to be as high as 155 miles per hour as of early Monday evening U.S. time (late afternoon Monday Japanese time), with higher gusts. This made Neoguri the equivalent of a high-end Category 4 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale.

When Neoguri’s winds reached an estimated 150 mph earlier Sunday, it earned the “super typhoon” designation from JTWC. Neoguri means “raccoon” in Korean, according to a Sydney Morning Herald report


Western Pacific Satellite

Western Pacific Satellite

Neoguri will continue to spin over very warm waters in a favorable atmospheric environment, allowing it to potentially become a Category 5 tropical cyclone later Monday.

(INFOGRAPHIC: Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane Facts)

Neoguri had been forecast to pass dangerously close to Okinawa on Tuesday local time (late Monday night/early Tuesday morning U.S. time). The most recent forecasts have the center passing over 100 miles to the west of Okinawa while moving north. Still, that puts the island on the stronger right-hand side of the storm, with hurricane-force winds.

Americans stationed at Kadena Air Base are preparing for the potential of a destructive storm.

(MORE: Tropical Terms You Need to Know)

The base began evacuating aircraft to other bases in the Pacific Sunday in anticipation of the typhoon. Brig. Gen. James Hecker, 18th Wing commander, said in a statement on the base’s website: “I can’t stress enough how dangerous this typhoon may be when it hits Okinawa. This is the most powerful typhoon forecast to hit the island in 15 years; we expect damaging winds to arrive by early Tuesday morning.”

Hecker upgraded the Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness (TCCOR) to level 2, meaning 58-mph sustained winds are possible within 24 hours. Residents and base personnel have been asked to remove and secure all outdoor items immediately.



neoguri rbtop

neoguri ir

neoguri rgb

neoguri rainbowir

Neoguri Forecast Track from Weather Underground

After passing Okinawa, Neoguri is then expected go on to affect parts of the Japanese mainland by Wednesday. Though it will weaken by then, winds could still be around 100 mph by the time it reaches the main islands of Kyushu, Shikoku and western portions of Honshu, home to tens of millions of people.

Neoguri is the strongest tropical cyclone of the year in the Western Pacific basin. The season’s first typhoon, Faxai, reached minimal typhoon status with 75-mph winds in early March. It did not affect land.

Heavy rains from an unrelated system have been drenching Kyushu, the southwesternmost of Japan’s four main islands, in recent days. According to the Japan Times, parts of Nagasaki recorded the heaviest rainfall in 50 years Thursday, with over six inches of rain falling in three hours. Flash flooding inundated houses in the city and landslides were reported.

(MORE: Get the Latest on Hurricane Season Here)

Extremely heavy rainfall continued on the island Sunday, with nearly 10 inches of rain reported at Mount Shibi, Kagoshima Prefecture in 24 hours, according to public broadcaster NHK.

An April storm named Tapah was declared a typhoon by JTWC. However, the JMA said Tapah peaked as a “severe tropical storm” with winds slightly below the 74-mph threshold.

For official purposes, the World Meteorological Organization recognizes JMA as the principal agency charged with analyzing and forecasting tropical cyclones in the Western Pacific. In the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins, that designation is held by NOAA’s National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida.


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IS ANY ONE HOME ? | Alternative

IS ANY ONE HOME ? | Alternative.

A RECALL OF THE WORD DEMOCRACY Mayday.us A Citizen-Funded Super PAC – YouTube

A RECALL OF THE WORD DEMOCRACY Mayday.us A Citizen-Funded Super PAC – YouTube.


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