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Texas Mobilizes State Militia’s To Protect Against Occupying Federal Troops

Texas Mobilizes State Militia’s To Protect Against Occupying Federal Troops


Texas demands their gold from the Fed, so the Feds amass large troop forces to march in and further occupy Texas. The governor then calls in more state militia to confront the federal troops. Sounds like a Texas Showdown in the making! Pray level heads prevail!


In the first video below, the anchors from Bloomberg are the poster anchors for how out of touch and clueless most of the mainstream media really is. I was actually embarrassed FOR the female anchor who more or less says, “Well…. word has it, there’s like some federal exercise or drill, or like, some military exercise training called Jade Helm, and Texans started thinking that like, the government was ‘out to get them…’” I wanted to scream, “AS IF?!?!”

Sadly, unlike some in the media, I don’t think she was mocking the Jade Helm fiasco one bit. Watch the first video for yourself and you tell me. I get the impression she has NO EARTHLY IDEA what is going on there. None. Zero! Zip!

In short, what is happening in Texas, is Texas intelligence got word Federal Troops were moving large forces into the state, so like he has already done once before, Governor Abbott mobilized Texas State Militia to confront the U.S Federal troops and get them to stand down. There is a growing sentiment in Texas that Texans not only want to be left alone, now they want all their gold back from the Fed too. GO TEXANS! The second video is what appears to be another massive Jade Helm Convoy of military hardware heading into Texas!

The tensions we see building are certainly worse than we’ve been led to believe, even when you consider Governor Abbott already has the State Militia keeping a watchful and skeptical eye on the Jade Helm ”exercises.” In addition to the military convoys heading in, recall that last week we learned Mobile DHS and FEMA Command Centers were just spotted in Texas at a FedEx Terminal. Those command centers seem to have a pattern of showing up at all the worst times. They usually arrive right before a false flag happens… or said another way: a MAJOR event!

Anyone recall what happened the last time a militia faced off with the Feds? Most people have never seen this, because it was NOT very publicized, but as you will see in the video below, on that occasion Obama gave the green light to shoot civilians. You can hear it from the Federal Soldiers yourself. By minute 7:00 of the video below, I could barely swallow the first time I saw it!

Blooomberg Writtes:

Texas wants its gold back from the Yankees, wherever they’re keeping it.

Governor Greg Abbott signed a law last week to build a depository for its 5,600 bars of the precious metal and, as he said in a statement, “repatriate $1 billion of gold bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York.”

The gold, it turns out, isn’t at the New York Fed — it’s in a rented vault in midtown Manhattan — and is worth about $650 million. Regardless, Texas aims to bring it home.

“We want to show off our strength and resilience,” said Giovanni Capriglione, the Republican lawmaker who sponsored the repatriation bill. “This is to be able to say, ‘Hey, listen, Texas is unique, it’s stable, it’s strong and we can show that by letting other states and individuals know that, yes, Texas has a billion dollars worth of gold. Does your state have a billion dollars worth of gold?’”

Informed that the value is about $350 million short of that, Capriglione said he was no less proud.

The gold in question isn’t the property of the state itself but of the University of Texas Investment Management Co., which oversees the second-largest academic endowment in the country.

That isn’t likely to diminish what Philip Diehl, a former director of the U.S. Mint, called “a wonderful marketing opportunity” for the state, where the electorate leans right.

For the governor and lawmakers, repatriation “makes a lot of political sense,” said Diehl, president of U.S. Money Reserve, an Austin company that sells gold. “It’s a very reasonable response to their constituents.”


Bruce Zimmerman, chief executive officer of the endowment fund, said it would be pleased to have a Texas safe for its ingots so long as the state doesn’t charge more than what the fund’s paying to lease the New York vault space, which is less than $1 million a year.

There are details to be worked out. For one, where to put the depository, a task given to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. One possible candidate is behind a bullet-proof door in the basement of a Travis County office building, where a long-gone bank used to store safe-deposit boxes.

“When you’re talking about gold, people’s eyes light up,” said comptroller spokesman Chris Bryan. “But when you’re talking about what you need to do to house that gold, from a logistics standpoint it’s very complicated and one that we don’t have a whole lot of experience with.”

No state does; Texas would be the first to have its own gold reserves storage unit.


[Tatoott…https://youtu.be/oqGEz9IqOrE Please trust me on this one… Skip first 12 mins if u like…you’re gonna freak LOL when you here this bright young lady explain a few things about Jade II and all this crazy crap going on.]

It might also be the only one to own physical gold, according to Diehl, the former mint director. The endowment fund began buying it in 2008 as a hedge against what Zimmerman said was excess monetization by central banks.

There was little opposition to repatriation voiced during legislative debate.

“We’re not changing our currency, right?” Democratic Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa asked. He was assured the greenback would still be legal tender, and voted yes.

Kirk Watson was one of four Democrats in the Senate to go the other way. Why? “Cause it’s weird,” he said.

The Senate voted 27-to-4, and the House 140-to-4.

Abbott, the Republican governor, declined to be interviewed. Neither he nor Capriglione are known as gold bugs, the detractors of central banks and governments that issue money without promising to exchange the cash for gold or silver.

The two did come up the ranks in Texas with support from the Tea Party, which has a gold-themed monetary policy. And the law does set up a framework for a system under which Texans could ultimately execute financial transactions backed by gold in the depository, including buying a house or paying taxes.


But Capriglione, who represents suburban Fort Worth, said it “isn’t some back-door way to create a Texas dollar or Texas currency.” He said getting the gold back to the Lone Star State was about security.

“Whenever you look at these economic collapses, it’s always based on consumer confidence,” he said. “It does make people feel more secure to have the gold here. It just does.”

Texas has a distrust of the federal government that befits a state that was once a country. Former Governor Rick Perry activated its National Guard last year to secure the Mexican border, saying Washington was doing a lousy job. Abbott directed state forces to monitor a U.S. military training exercise called Operation Jade Helm 15 that will take place this summer in Texas and other states. Conspiracy theorists contend it’s a scheme to round up political dissidents, impose martial law or both, claiming tunnels under Wal-Mart stores are somehow involved.

Now, in addition to keeping invaders at bay, the state will have to get ready to guard against a gold heist.

“There’s absolutely no reason to believe the state of Texas cannot protect gold as effectively as any of the other large commercial vaults around the country,” said Diehl, the former mint director. “After all, we have the Texas Rangers.”



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Kaz vs Wild 5 Survival Camp Meals and Rustic Cooking.

Build a fire
Kaz vs Wild 5 Survival Camp Meals and Rustic Cooking
Here at Kaz vs Wild cooking meals is a top priority. Food preparation and a warm meal are important to surviving. Without food for 20 days your body starts to break down. Keeping yourself nourished is vital to maintain your body, but also keeps your brain strong to make important decisions. If your mind is thinking about feeding itself, it could be distracted by hunger pains and your thinking my become cloudy. Cloudy or unclear thinking is something that could cause injury or worse, death.

It is vital to keep yourself fed. Now that doesn’t mean 3 squares a day. However it does mean keeping your stomach out of you mind.

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Vera Causa
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Kaz vs Wild 5 Solar Power Is Survival Power

Vera Causa

Kaz vs Wild 5 Solar Power Is Survival Power

In this segment of our survival trip FixedByDoc (aka Ryan) gives an overview of his solar power panel. Ryan used the power source throughout the entire stay at survival camp. It really proved to be a handy device to have with us. The solar power panel is tough, rugged and dependable when out in the forest. We used it many times during survival camp, Thanks Ryan!!

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▶ Kaz vs Wild 5 Water Purification Filters vs Portable Aqua Tablets – YouTube

Vera Causa

Offering Solutions: A highly recommended channel on Youtube to subscribe to and watch. KazvsWild shows many solutions to survival in the outdoors. Here he explains some of his water purification methods and how to use them and construct them for later use. As well the links below will take you to Kaz’s website and further information to follow his projects.

Kaz vs Wild 5 Water Purification Filters vs Portable Aqua Tablets!!

Here at Kaz vs Wild we do more than just survive in the woods. We are always practicing and testing out our equipment and survival gear. If you aren’t out in the woods practicing these perishable skills you risk the chance of losing them. These survival skills must be refreshed or “practiced” from time to time to keep your level of outdoorsmanship sharp. Yes, survival IS a perishable skill that must be maintained. The old saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it!!

Here in this video we demonstrate the effectiveness of 0.1 Micron filters vs the emergency use of water purifying tablets in the manner of time. Each have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, in my opinion, a water filter is the way to go for several good reasons including:
Ease of producing clean clear water
Clean drinkable water without the use of chemical reaction.

Kaz vs Wild My Survival Camp Water Purification System.

This first series of Kaz vs Wild was filmed in September of 2010.

Hi, I am freedom4kaz and this is my Kaz vs. Wild channel. It is dedicated to the Kaz vs Wild Survival Series. Along with that, this channel will be focused on bush craft, survival medicine, supplies, cooking, hunting, fishing, trapping and weapons.

This channel is also about survival training, teaching and community, along with sharing survival and prepper knowledge to those willing to learn and grow in the community. Make sure you watch the entire “KAZ vs. WILD” series located in my playlists!

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On Skype at freedom4kaz

You will find the rest of his channels on any of the links I have posted. Please sub up, he has a great channel with lots of information that pertains to when the day comes, as we say when “SHIT HIT’S THE FAN”.

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